The life of the church doesn't begin and end on Sunday Mornings.

We are called at all times to be part of the body of Christ by continuing to enrich our faith, welcoming others to join us, and caring for others as we care for ourselves.

Get Connected



We have a vast array of programs for you and your family to get involved in or serve with. 

We have a wide range of faith formation activities, chances to give back to the community, and a variety of ways to celebrate friendship and fellowship.



Faith Formation

Our ongoing growth into the Christian faith can begin as soon as we are born and continues on throughout all of our lives.   

Faith formation is a part of everything we do, worship, service, music, and fellowship.

We also have specific education opportunities for children and adults including children's Sunday school,

mid week Bible Studies, and multiple affinity groups.

Giving Back

The Christian faith shouldn't be focused on Sunday morning, but what we do and how we act in the entirity of our lives.

Our church gives back to the community through charitable acts, partnering with community organizations, and through seeking justice to improve the world. Our Outreach commission is focused on providing specific opportunities, and many of our members and church groups

inspire the congregation to give in time, talent, focus, and finances.

Being Truly Welcoming

While every church says that everyone is welcome, we pride ourselves in being a friendly and welcoming church.

Our building is accessible to all, with all the facilities on one floor and the chancel is wheelchair accessible.

Our congregation is Open and Affirming, which means we proudly proclaim that we welcome and affirm people of all gender and sexual orientations.

We practice open communion the first Sunday of the month, and that service is intentionally multi-generational

so families and people of all ages can share in communion together.