Our Worship

Our weekly worship service lives out our mission by being Spiritual, Relevant, Uplifting, and Inclusive. Worship is participatory, and the sermons connect our faith with how we can show Christ's love and compassion every day.

Our hymns are taken from the New Century Hymnal, a bold hymnal that mixes classical music with newer and international hymns, all while featuring more inclusive language for God.  Our hymns are accompanied on organ, piano, or keyboard.

Our Choir

Our chancel choir performs on first, third, and fourth Sundays of the month,

and it is led by a student choir director from the MSU Choral Conductng program.

The choir is open to people of all ages and ability level, and is focused on developing a person's singing ability,

and above all else making a joyful noise for the Lord!

Bell Choir

The Bell Choir is truly full of holy fools, or ding-a-lings, for Christ. It is a multigenerational group, with members from 10 to 80.

Each worship service begins and ends with the chiming of bells, and the second Sunday of the month is devoted to the Bell choir.

Special Music

We continue to try new things in worship throughout the year.  Each month there is a fifth Sunday,

we try something new with the music for worship,

including special music performed by individuals or groups in the church,

as well as experimenting with ancient chanting

or modern Christian and secular music.


Our worship services for Christmas Eve and Easter Sunday draw on all the musical gifts of the congregation,

including the bell and chancel choir, as well as special music.