Following Jesus, our mission is to serve God

by building an inclusive community where uplifting worship

and relevant messages deepen spirituality

and inspire acts of justice, service, and compassion.

Service Times


Sunday worship: 10:30am

Sunday Worship Services

are currently both In-Person 

and live-streaming at



New Here?


Walking into a new church can be intimidating and nervewracking, especially if you had a bad previous church experience. Let us answer some of your questions.

What We Believe


We are called to follow Jesus' example of radical welcome, love, and hospitality. We are called to be caring, not perfect.

Contact Us


We want to hear from you!  

We love connecting with you about all your questions & thoughts.



Our prayer for every gathering is that you would feel welcomed, loved, and moved. 

We want you to leave our gathering amazed at God’s radical love and acceptance as shown in the example of Jesus Christ and those of us who try and follow in his example. Our worship isn't here to entertain you, it is here to engage you and to praise God, from whom all blessings flow.



We craft our worship services to help us see how God is moving and calls to us in the world. Our prayers keep us engaged with the world and remind us that our faith is not for one hour on Sunday mornings, but is geared towards making this world an expression of God's kin-dom.

Through timely messages, our faith is renewed and we are encouraged to act sincerly, honestly, and lovingly to all of God's creation.



We reject the idea of Christ's people being the "frozen chosen." We believe that the story of Jesus and the life of our community inspire us and give us, hope, joy, and laughter. God has given us a spirit of wonder, and we seek to express it. We believe in the phrase, "preach the Gospel always. 

If necessary, use words." You will know that we are Christians by our love.



Through Jesus, God welcomes all. Jesus hung out with outcasts, rejects, the marginalized, and enjoyed their company.

Our church has intentionally chosen to be a place where people of all kinds, all races, all sexual orientations, all gender identities, are welcome just as they are.

We seek to live out God's unconditional love.


At First Congregational United Church of Christ

Faith Formation

As children of God, we never stop growing in our faith. Answers that served you well at one point in your life may no longer be enough. We offer a variety of ways for people to grow in their faith no matter their age, and encourage questions and skepticism. We walk with you on your journey, we don't tell you where to walk.

Giving Back


As James 2:18 said, "but how can I see your faith, apart from your actions?"

A vital part of the ministry of this church is in service to others, both inside and out of our church community. We are involved in local, national, and worldwide partnerships.

Truly Welcoming

We joyfully welcome and affirm all persons

- those of every age, gender, sexual orientation, personal ability, race, ethnic background or faith background - who wish to participate in the life and ministry of the church, including membership, spiritual growth, and leadership.